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About Us

 Carbon Triple Threat

We've designed a carbon management triple threat with a carbon removal multiplier effect to create the fastest path to carbon negativity.. 


In one fell swoop we avoid, displace, and remove CO2., hitting it from every angle- coming, going, & loitering where it shouldn't.   


Multiplier Effect

Our biochar carbon removals lock carbon away for a thousand years, 

We multiply the effects of that removal by using the biochar to dramatically improve soil health, restore degraded landscapes, strengthen forests, farmland, and grasslands, and facilitate climate resilient regenerative agriculture. 


PENNSACO turns on & dials up the CO2 draw down power of those nature based carbon sinks, reduces agricultural CO2e emissions, prevents deforestation & desertification, protects biodiversity, invigorates ecosystem services, solves for food & water security, and advances 12 UN SDGs.    


Speeding the Transition: 
A Carbon Negative Zero Emissions Energy Economy. 

To accelerate availability of carbon negative hydrogen for zero emissions transportation,  PENNSACO is commercializing a process addition to our system that produces FOUR TIMES more green hydrogen per Megawatt than wind or solar, It uses 1/3 of the water, requires 1/5 the infrastructure capital & a fraction of the land, runs 24/7, has a 95% efficiency rate, can locate just about anywhere, produces no waste, and has a CI score between -799 and -229.  

We're creating a new standard for carbon management and negative emissions technology. 


Mission Driven. Find a Way or Make One.  Failure Is Not an Option.

Visionary environmental professionals who've spent their careers innovating at the cutting edge of biotechnology, circular carbon management, environmental & social impact who get meaningful sh*t done; lots of it.  Drawn together to MOVE on CO2 reduction, removal, & climate resilience TODAY.  Together we're accelerating serial deployment of negative emissions technology & project design solutions that hit climate where it counts: from every angle. 

Our Partners

Putting CO2 In Its Place
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